Solar Power Battery Trickle Charger

Product code: BCST-1

Solar trickle charger for 12v batteries. The charger can be attached via cigarette lighter socket or directly to the battery. Not suitable for completely flat batteries, top up only.

Ceramic Car Heater and Timer

Product code: CCH-2T

Instant defrost for windscreen. Adjustable: Left to right 90 degrees - up and down 45degrees. Instant heat - no waiting for engine to warm up. 6ft power cord.

Euro Vehicle Sticker

Product code: CP-1

Self Adhesive

Product code:

Product code:

GB Vehicle Sticker

Product code: CP-4

Magnetic - CP-4

Self Cling - CP-3

Self Adhesive - CP-2

12v Car Kettle

Product code: GY-342

Kettle to be used in your car. 1 Litre Water Capacity and 1.5m Cable

24v Truck Kettle

Product code: GY-350

Kettle to be used in your Truck 1 Litre Water Capacity and 1.5m Cable

Auto Jump Start

Product code: GY-400

Jump start a battery in 10 minutes, keeps radio and alarm codes memorised while you change the battery, CE Approved

Product code:

Product code:

Copper Plated Boosted Cables

Product code: GY-525

25mm Starting load up to 200amps, 2.5m cable

for 10mm use GY-510

for 16mm use GY-516

Battery Clamp

Product code: GY-630

Secure your battery in place easily with this universal steel holding clamp

Handy Can Holder

Product code: HH-2G

Easily attaches to your door trim. Made of hard plastic, compact and lightweight in Grey

Handy Holder

Product code: HH-3

Folds away for easy storage. Will accept cans up to 68mm Circumference. Registered Design

Ice Scraper

Product code: ICE-1

Ice Scraper in Red/Blue/Green/Yellow. Colour may vary

Box of 40 Ice Scrapers - use ICE-40

Product code:

Product code:

Product code:

Product code:

Product code:

Product code:

Product code:

Protective Boot Liner

Product code: PBL-1

Heavy Duty, water resistant material, universal size with flexible press stud and zip corners. Folds to protect your bumper. Easy to clean. Simply wipe with damp cloth
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